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A couple of weeks ago I had the joy of photographing two of my friends, Kayla & Josh, and their kids on their farm. They were first my clients, see their amazing wedding by CLICKING HERE, and now they are some of my favorite friends! I am so thankful for my friendship with them. :) Anyway, back in March, with Rick & Graham, we went on a family date to Outback, and discussed taking some farm photos when the weather warmed up. I am so glad we did! I want to take photos like this every year now, at different points in the farming season. We focused on cutting wheat for this shoot, and I love how the images turned out. Kayla said, “I’m going to frame some in my house,” to which I said, “I’ll probably hang some in my house, too. Is that weird!?” haha! I edited a few out of the whole bunch of images I took and wanted to share some today. Enjoy!

farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0001 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0002 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0003 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0004 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0005 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0006 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0007 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0008 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0009 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0010 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0011 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0012 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0013 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0014 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0015 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0016 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0017 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0018 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0019 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0020 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0021 farm-photos-kentucky-tennessee-photographer-fun-photography-family-_0022

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Good afternoon! I have been a little under the weather lately, and super busy with my almost-two-year-old-into-everything-funny-as-can-be son Graham. Ha! He definitely keeps me busy. :) Earlier this month, my cousin Shane married his high school sweetheart, Julie, and I had the joy of photographing it. It is my last wedding for a while and I had such a great time! I shared these images on my Facebook page, but wanted to post them here, too. I will share more from their wedding soon.

2016-06-07_0001 2016-06-07_0002 2016-06-07_0003 2016-06-07_0004 2016-06-07_0005 2016-06-07_0006 2016-06-07_0007 2016-06-07_0008 2016-06-07_0009I love these: 2016-06-07_0010 2016-06-07_0011 2016-06-07_0012Isn’t her dress gorgeous! And it’s so her, too. :) 2016-06-07_0013 2016-06-07_0014 2016-06-07_0015 2016-06-07_0016 2016-06-07_0017 2016-06-07_0018 2016-06-07_0019 2016-06-07_0020Have a great evening!


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