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Anne & Kyle – Engagement Photos

Kyle contacted me on December 21st for engagement pictures for him and his soon-to-be bride Anne. What a relief that it was engagement pictures and not pictures for Christmas, because I’m not sure I would’ve been able to make that quick of a turnaround! And I would’ve missed out on this fun couple. Anne came into town on the 26th, so we met on December 27th. (Actually, I had a quick turnaround for them anyway. I just handed Anne their photos this afternoon. Three days! Nice. This break from school has clearly helped with my photography productivity! hehe) We originally planned on having the shoot at Lake Malone State Park, but decided to move onto a waterfall down the road for the first part of the session. Then we moved to a bridge, and lastly an old restaurant that burnt down a few years ago. I told them the story of how my dad took aerial pictures of it soon after it burnt. My grandparents were there checking out the damage at the exact same time he was flying overhead. You can see my grandparents vehicle and my papaw standing beside it in the photos. Neither one of them knew it until later when Dad looked at the printed photos. (I need to find those photos now that I’m thinking about it…) I think it burnt down in 2006 or 2005, because my dad got his pilot’s license in May of ’05. It was kind of sad since they still hadn’t cleaned it up after all these years. Don’t get me wrong, it made for a nice photo shoot location, (even one that I would go to again), but I thought they would have cleaned it up by now.

Anyway, who else is excited about the new year?! 2010. Wow! It just sounds, so, impressive. :)

Okay, back to Anne & Kyle. These two are a hoot! (Yes, I said hoot. And that’s a good thing!) They kept me smiling and laughing and humored my ideas. (Ex. Wanna sit on the bridge? Give her a kiss. Give her a big hug.) And they had awesome ideas of their own also. (Ex. Chalk on the brick fireplace. Climbing and standing on a fireplace. Taking a few pictures at a boat dock.) They smiled and laughed and were oh-so-adorable throughout the very cold session. Anne & Kyle are getting married in Minnesota on 10-16-10 so I know they are definitely excited about the new year!

Thank you, Anne & Kyle, for these fun pictures. You two are awesome and adorable, as mentioned above! :)

I saw these blue doors and knew I wanted to use them. This is definitely a favorite!

The wind seemed to perfectly catch Anne’s hair in this one. I. Love. It.

Yah for enthusiastic laughs! They laughed these genuine laughs like this one the whole time. :D If they weren’t planning on getting married already, I would have told them, “Yall are definitely getting married one day!” because they have so much fun together. ;)

There they are laughing again! :) I didn’t have to ask them to laugh at all. They are naturally this happy!

Sometimes you just, you know, gotta hang out in a burnt up fireplace. :)

Have a wonderful & safe New Year’s Eve!

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