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Haley & Kyle – Nashville, TN Engagement Photographer

Just by talking to Haley on the phone I knew we would get along great. When we met a few months after the initial phone call and booking for her engagement session with Kyle, my assumption was correct; we were instantly chatting about everything: life, weddings, our fur-babies, how they met. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I really love this digital world where we people can get to know each other without having ever met in person!

Without a doubt, Haley & Kyle were meant to be together. They compliment and support one another, while remaining committed to sharing a life together. I love how bubbly and endearing Haley is, and how Kyle is a cool up-for-anything guy. The session lasted a bit longer than we all expected, just because it was so nice getting to know them!

We went to the new Clarksville Marina on a Saturday that was supposed to be sunny and super hot for March. However, March’s weather surprised us with a bit of a chill in the air, and a few clouds overhead. I actually preferred the clouds so I was able to take them anywhere around the marina, but I was not a fan of the chill. Luckily, Haley & Kyle didn’t seem to notice; they cuddled up to one another and had a great time! We also didn’t let a few sprinkles ruin our fun; when they started falling, we just had a quick change of scenery to downtown Clarksville. :)

Thank you, Haley & Kyle, for being AWESOME! I can’t wait for your wedding!

I think these next few are my favorites:  So fun: 

I loved her dress: 

A little fun in the parking garage:

See a few more on their slideshow:

Have a great day,


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  • Haley

    Omg I love it!! Hehe. I loved meeting you as well, you’re pretty fabulous if you ask me! I can’t wait to publish it on Facebook. I’m goin hard for the 50+ comments!!

  • Brittney Honeycutt

    Beautiful! :)

  • Ashley


  • Alex

    Sweet pix.

  • Adkins

    Y’all are so cute!

  • Ashley Baggett

    Excellant pictures!!!

  • Kyle Baggett

    Good job!

  • Mitzi

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

  • Leonard W. Yandle

    Excellent photography. Work hard and be happy!

  • Lindsey Ingham

    Stunning pictures! Love y’all!

  • Kim

    Haley you look beautiful in these pictures and you favor your mom so much!

  • Tammy Edwards

    Love these pictures , the best I’ve seen

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