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Jennie & Dan – Nashville Engagement Photography

Jessie contacted me last December about purchasing a gift certificate for her brother, Dan, & sister-in-law, Jennie. Jessie told me that Jennie & Dan never had engagement photos taken, even though they had been married for four years. She knew that they would be 1) surprised & 2) happy to finally have engagement-type photographs. :) I thought it was a brilliant idea and couldn’t wait to find out the awesomeness of Jennie & Dan. I mean, I knew they would be pretty great based on the fact that Jessie was so thoughtful and excited about their photos. :) Our session at the beginning of spring and Jennie & Dan are awesome! The afternoon was filled with laughter, Jennie & her bright colored shoes (that I’m jealous of!), and wind. Lots and lots of wind. Whenever we weren’t hiding in alley ways or behind buildings, the wind worked to our favor several times and gave Jennie that model-esque wind-blown look. :) However, let’s face it, she is already model-esque beautiful, so even if we didn’t have the wind, she still would have rocked it for the camera. And Dan? Well, he rocked it too. :) These two just work and it was so neat getting to know them. Their session is a reminder that it’s never too late for “engagement” photos.


Have a great night! :)


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  • Erin

    Love it!
    1.) The one where she’s giggling on his chest…gorgeous!
    2.) steal her boots for me!

    They’re both gorgeous!

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