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Kristen & Chad – Clarksville, TN Engagement Photographer

Kristen & Chad were so much fun! When I showed up at River Front for their engagement session, they were smiling, laughing, and so excited for photos. I loved their energy! It really fires me up when couples are so in love and happy like Kristen & Chad. :)

Kristen & Chad were set up by Chad’s sister. As they described their first meeting, it was like a 72-hour first date. They couldn’t stop talking about their likes, dislikes, past, and hopes for the future. Kristen even told me that all of their friends & family just knew they would be together forever. They even placed bets on when they would get married!

Chad decided to propose in FRANCE. Yes, FRANCE. I think all CAPS add a little something to the amazing-ness that is FRANCE, and KRISTEN & CHAD. ;) Kristen said she suspected a ring for a while, and when he proposed in June, in FRANCE, he said “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to propose here!” So fantastic!

They are getting married next September in Connecticut and I envy their wedding photographer. I mean, seriously, Kristen & Chad, can’t ya just take me with you? ;)

Kristen & Chad, I feel like you guys are friends of mine now and I know your wedding will be so, so amazing. Thank you for hanging out with me and allowing me a glimpse into your lives. I will always cherish our laughs and these images.

Happy happy!

I adore this one! Kristen’s smile says it all: Sweethearts! The sun: The laughs: I lovelovelove this one: You can totally feel their happiness in this right? I know I can! ;) Oh, how I love their laughter! Even looking at these photos for this post made me so happy! Gorgeous couple: “How you doin’?” :) One of my favorites from their session: ;) Oh, definitely another favorite right here: Beautiful, Kristen! I know you will be a stunning bride: I adored this green ivy? moss? stuff? growing on this brick wall:  Fun! Love the light: Yay!


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