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Mom & Dad, I apologize for not posting these pictures sooner. I took the first set of images in October before their cruise to the Bahamas! They wanted some updated photos to commemorate their 30th wedding anniversary, on October 26th. When they got back from their cruise, my sister Amber and I had a surprise anniversary party for them on Nov. 6th. Enjoy!

I love you, Mom & Dad!

Dad got a box in the mail one day last summer and inside were these shirts. They say “Fly it like you built it” and I really want one. I even borrow Mom’s to wear every now and then! :) For those who didn’t know, my dad is building a plane!


Anniversary Wedding Cake! See the picture frame behind the cake? We found some of their original wedding photos and yep, my dad had a ‘fro! LOL

This is my cousin Colton. :)

My cousin Tyler and me. Remember him from this session? Apparently, he didn’t like the flash on the camera!

I love this picture! My nephew Kody was checking Dad’s iPhone like it was his. Pretty soon he will probably have his own!

Mom & Dad cutting the cake. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for images from Ashley & Justin’s wedding and some images of sample albums and my awesome new business cards that I haven’t posted yet.

Happy Sunday!

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