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Samantha & Josh – Nashville, Clarksville, TN Engagement Photographer

Did I ever tell you about that time my GPS took me down an old road that ran through a creek? Yeah, I didn’t think I did. Well, this one time, on my way to photograph an engagement session, my GPS took me down an old road that ran through a creek! LOL I had been to Samantha’s family’s farm twice before. Once for the Dani. B. Couture photo shoot, and the second time for Danielle & Adam’s engagement shoot. And this time? Well, this time it was Samantha’s turn! So, you see, I had been there before. However, I didn’t take the same route I did the previous two times. I thought, well, my GPS will get me there. So, I followed it along and the road turned into a one lane gravel road with trees lining both sides and then, I see water. Ahh, yes, this is the back way to the farm. I remember this creek because I photographed Danielle & Adam in there and watched a few cars drive through it to the other side. I thought, “Wow, I don’t ever want to do that!” because I was fearful of my car getting stuck. However, I had no other choice when I figured out that’s where I was on the day of Samantha & Josh’s engagement session. I had to go through it. I had no cell service and I literally couldn’t turn around. So, I said a prayer and maneuvered my car into and through the creek to the other side. Thankfully, the creek wasn’t that high, but still. I was so worried I was going to get stuck! Samantha & Josh were happy when I finally showed up at the house; they were worried because they couldn’t get a hold of me since I was running behind. Whew, that was an experience and now, I know to always Google MAP a location AND THEN trust the GPS.

Anyway, Samantha and I go way back. Way back to elementary school! She was one of my very best friends in elementary school and I remember playing on the basketball team with her. :) And now she’s getting married! So excited for her. Josh is totally the match for her, too. I had met him once before at Danielle & Adam’s wedding in June, but this time I got to find out what a nice guy he is. It is wonderful to see Samantha so happy and in love! We captured these images around the farm and went back to the creek I drove through for a few more images. Enjoy! :)

Have a great night!

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