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Hey! How are you? I’m great. I’ve been catching up on photos. :) First, I would like to fill those in who aren’t my friend on Facebook that I’ve changed my wedding date. Yep, as the title says: 10-15-10. What!? Seriously, am I crazy or what!? Mmm, possibly, but I’m SO excited about the wedding being sooner rather than later. Read all about the decision to change my wedding date HERE. Are you a bride planning your wedding and would like to be a blogger? Click the “Contact Us” button on It’s a great resource for brides and grooms planning their special day. As a Brides Blogger you write, at your own pace, about all of your wedding details. :)

Anyway! I had Chinese food tonight and got a THIRD fortune cookie that had something to do with “success” in it. Check it out:

So, I got the first fortune cookie before all the “success” related ones and I love it so I wanted to add it in the picture too. :)

In keeping with the “Southern” theme that is my life, I recently received Southern Weddings magazine Volume II in the mail! I’m so excited to read it. :) I’m also loving my new “Bride-To-Be” bag my Mom got me and my new Zebra print purse. Photo of said items:

Speaking of Zebra print, do you know who started my obsession with Zebra print? My best friend since elementary school Tiffany. And I am loving these two images from her wedding with Michael on May 15th of this year:

Ahh, soooo adorable! I’m excited to finally share more from their wedding. Stay tuned for more. :)

Thanks for stopping by. I loved writing every word of this post. :)


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