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My 21 Week Maternity Photos

I have been very fortunate in that I love being pregnant. I know not every lady has that same feeling about it, as it is certainly life-altering, so I am very grateful for my experience so far.

I only had exhaustion and a little bit of nausea during the first trimester. So, “morning sickness” wasn’t bad for me at all. Praise the Lord! I’ve heard stories of all day sickness in the first trimester, and I don’t think that would be fun at all. However, I didn’t find many foods that appealing during that time. Well, except Olive Garden salads! And then, this one time, I really wanted a brownie and a pickle. At the same time. Here’s proof:  IMG_7646

Seriously, it was good. ;) During this time, I didn’t even like chicken that well, and normally I LOVE chicken! Ha! And another time in the grocery store with Rick I had this intense craving for Crackers and Easy Cheese. You know – the kind you squeeze out of a tiny tube in a can? We literally walked the store three times trying to find it and I was almost in tears when we finally asked an associate to find it for us. When I got home, I ate about four crackers with cheese and then I didn’t want anymore. I just had to get a taste of it I guess!

The second trimester started out a little crazy. At 14 weeks, I found out I had a ton of gallstones in my gallbladder and was put on a restricted diet. Then, since the diet wasn’t working, I had surgery to remove my gallbladder five weeks later at 19 weeks. Those five weeks were definitely stressful, emotional and scary, but my strong son and I made it to the other side happy and healthy! It was such a relief waking up from surgery and having the nurse tell me the baby’s heart beat was great. Post surgery, I’m able to eat and really enjoy whatever I want – including fried chicken! My desire to eat it had returned when I was on the restricted diet, so it was great to finally indulge in that craving. After the surgery, the rest of the second trimester seemed to fly by, and I can’t believe that I’m now in the third trimester. It’s the home stretch! The baby will be here before we know it. :)

A photographer friend took these images for me at 21 weeks. I have grown a ton in the six weeks since this little mini session we had. I can’t wait until we take some more images in a few weeks and compare the difference. ;)

2014-06-05_0001 2014-06-05_0002 2014-06-05_0003 2014-06-05_0004 2014-06-05_0005 2014-06-05_0006 2014-06-05_0007 2014-06-05_0008 2014-06-05_0009

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