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How vain is it of me to assume that anyone would want to know where I was or what I was doing as thousands of Americans lost their lives and thousands millions more felt their whole world shatter instantly on 9-11-01?

How vain is it to think that I was owed these last ten years?

How vain is it to think that I am owed this afternoon? This evening? The next five minutes?

And yet, that is how most of us live lived on 9-10-01: completely unaware of such tragic cruelty, believing that we will live until we are old, well-traveled, and happy. 

How vain is it that I don’t remember what I did 9-10-01? That was a day, too. That was a gift. And yet, I only considered every day a gift after 9-11-01. How vain is that?

I remember where I was when it happened, and yet, how vain is it to assume that anyone would want to know where I was 9-11-01?

What happened afterwards defies what the terrorists wanted. Along with undeniable heartbreak for all Americans, we became unified. How incredibly unified and strong we all became in light of such a tragedy.

I vividly remember a conversation with my mom on 9-12-01. She picked me up after school, and as we rode around the square, listening to coverage about 9-11 on the radio, I told her I just wanted to stay in the house forever. I never wanted to leave the house. I was too afraid of the world. I was 13 years old & too afraid of what was out there. If this was what I had to look forward to, I was too afraid to leave the house. My mom said something I’ll never forget,

“You cannot live in fear.”

She was right, as always. 

Today, I do not live in fear; I live in rememberance of those sacrificed on 9-11-01.

I live in gratitude for today.

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