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Christmas Decor!

How in the world is it almost Christmas already? How do we have less than two weeks left in 2013? Seriously, how?!

2013 flew by incredibly, incredibly quick! This year seemed to be very “house” focused for us and so I wonder if that made it go by even quicker. I can’t believe we’ve been in our house for six months already. We are still getting used to it and loving it, that’s for sure. :)

So, for the holidays, I knew I wanted to decorate since it is our first holiday season in this house. I enjoyed pretending to be crafty, and really like the results… well for the most part! For example, next year, I’m going to buy more lights, so maybe, just maybe, we will have enough for the entire porch. ha! :)


All of these images are iPhone images, by the way. I love how handy the iPhone is, and the camera is my favorite feature, obviously. ;) I just had to move over 1500 images from my iPhone to my computer because my iPhone storage was full. Oops! ;) But, I’m all ready to snap 1500 more during the holidays!!

This is our little tree that we had last year:  2013-12-17_0002

I just had to put it up, too. I put all of our random ornaments on it. I love it!

This is a blurry photo of our big tree. I have some better photos with my professional camera that I will have to post soon. :)


Our fireplace! Before December, it was pretty bare, with just Rick’s mini-shrimp ecosphere on the right side of the mantle. Of course, I had to buy stockings for us since we have a mantle. Which, I didn’t buy the cat stockings – I know, shocking, right?! – my friend gave them to us for Christmas! ;) So fun! Anyway, I also added the candle holders, & sign, and two snow globes that are on the left in the photo to add a complete holiday mantle look.   2013-12-17_0004

New ornaments that I felt obligated to get:  2013-12-17_0005

The lion from The Wizard of Oz, and The Mockingjay Pin from The Hunger Games came from Hallmark and the Bike below came from Pottery Barn. Funny story! I saw this bike in November at Pottery Barn and didn’t buy it. I went back last weekend and it was on sale! Win! ;)
2013-12-17_0006I got this idea from a Banana Republic store in Birmingham, Alabama. Weird, I know! Rick and I went to Birmingham for my birthday (Nov. 15th) and when I saw that they did this with bigger glass jars, I knew I wanted to recreate the same look. I bought all of this at the Dollar Tree! So, the jars, the ornaments, and tinsel were all a dollar each! Well, the ornaments came in packs of like 12 or so. Anyway, it was super cheap and I love it! I think I might try to switch out what’s in the jars for the different seasons. I really want to turn into Martha Stewart, don’t I?! ;)

We had a dinner party on Saturday and I finally used the gold chargers I had originally bought for this gold and peach styled shoot. Plus, I snagged these awesome dinner plates at Target. I topped it off with candy canes! Easy peasy, and simple! :)  2013-12-17_0008

Yes, my cats are adorable. ;) The big tree, which I snagged at Hobby Lobby for 50% off during Black Friday, features berries, snow, and pinecones. I just placed a few silver ornaments on it because the snow, berries, and pinecones make it pretty enough! 2013-12-17_0009Again, my cats are cute:  2013-12-17_0011

Well, I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! :) Thanks for reading!

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