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Draw Something AWESOME!

Today I want to encourage you to Draw Something AWESOME! It’s amazing how quickly the Draw Something game on my iPhone/iPad has become my favorite game, like ever. It is just like Pictionary, except there is no winner. The point? Well, I think the point of the game is to have FUN. Oh, and to see how many turns you can get without passing your turn. :) My current streak? 99!!!! Crazy, right?! It’s also amazing how fun and addicting the game is. I’m sure my mom will hate me for this, but here are a few of my favorites that she has drawn me and I have drawn for her. ;)

My mom is a UK fan too. She drew Anthony Davis rebounding a ball for the word REBOUND. What’s not awesome? I didn’t guess it right away. I knew it was Anthony Davis though. ;)

Apparently I drew a “Nice Toaster” and mom drew a cat + woman! :)  I feel the need to include UK Blue in nearly every photo:   Woo Hoo! I recorded the 90th turn. I need to capture 100, if it flips over to 100 when I get there. That’s right, folks, I have big dreams! ;)  I have drawn Lexi a few times. I think this photo needs to have more gray & more belly… but don’t tell her I said that. ;)  How AWESOME is this skeleton!?!?! Love it:  And this was just hilarious. Yesterday I texted Mom, (or Mommy, as I’m clearly still 4 and have her labeled as that in my phone), a photo of Lexi. I love what she wrote back. ;) 

Have a Draw-Something-Awesome kind of day! :)

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