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Expiring Chicken, Five Pairs of Scissors & A Can Opener

Yesterday I was forced to cook dinner. Yes, forced. The expiration date on the chicken I bought a week ago was looming, and since I’m going on vacation next week, I knew I had to cook it. After I put the chicken in the oven, I reached for the can opener to open a can of creamed corn. (Or is it ‘cream’ corn? Either way, I love it.) Anyway, like I said, I reached for the can opener.

Rick’s can opener.

Rick’s old fashioned hand held can opener.

Rick’s old fashioned hand held can opener that I hate because I can never seem to use it correctly.

See, before we got married, I registered for all the ‘necessary’ newlywed kitchen items for our wedding shower – or so I thought. I forgot that we needed a can opener. DESPERATELY needed one. Rick loves that old thing but it is my one true enemy. It’s been over 10 months since our wedding, and I have yet to buy a 21st century one. Every time I use it, I’m reminded of how much I hate it. Every time I use it, I am also reminded that I registered for five – FIVE – pairs of scissors. And received them all. :) Yes, people, I didn’t double check my registry like I should have. Oh well. Is it too late for another wedding shower? All that is on my list now is a modern, automatic can opener. :)

Now, it’s time for a short sneak peek of these two lovely ladies.

Sweet Ashley on her 9 month photo shoot:

Sweet Nora on her 1 year photo session:

How adorable, sweet, and beautiful are those two gorgeous gals? ;)

Have a great weekend!


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