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Hey Hey! It’s Tuesday! I love listening to Tuesday’s Gone by Lynyrd Synyrd on Wednesdays, because it makes the song true every single week. And that makes me smile! Yeah, yeah, I’m a nerd, I know. :)

I’m asked the following questions regularly, and while that’s great and I always respond individually, I wanted to post the answers here for anyone who is too shy to ask. ;)

What kind of camera should I buy? What kind of camera do you have? I have all Nikon equipment. I have a D700, and two D90s, along with an assortment of flashes and lenses. (I’m working on a “What’s in my camera bag?” post, so I’ll put all my equiment in that post.) I absolutely love Nikon! While, I can’t tell you which camera you should buy, I have had wonderful experiences with Nikon. Make sure you research whichever brand and camera you are looking into; read the negative and positive reviews of users, as well. It will help in your decision. I researched cameras for three months before I actually purchased one. If I knew about back then, I would have rented before I bought mine. I highly recommend it if you are try before you buy kind of person. :)

Where should I get my photographs printed? This answer is similar to the one above. I can’t tell you where you should get your photos printed. If you have the digital files and do not have the budget to print them through your photographer, then by all means, print them where you like. And if that means Wal-Mart or Wal-Greens, or any other “Wal” store, then do it. (I know other photographers cringed reading that!) An amazing photographer called Jasmine Star once said that if she were to tell her clients where to print the photos she took, then it would take the experience away from the clients. And I don’t want to make anybody’s experience with me, less that blissful. (Yes, blissful.) She also said that if she told clients where to print their photos, it would be like car manufacturers telling owners where to buy gas. After she said this, I stopped worrying about where my photographs are printed after I deliver them to clients. As long as the clients are happy with the images, then I’m happy. So there, I said it: print them wherever your heart (and wallet) desires!

Do you offer any different packages than offered on your pricing pages? No, I did for a while, but everyone seemed to go with one package, so I consolidated both my wedding and portrait prices into simple, one-size-fits-all packages.

Do you have a degree in Photography? I know this is such an innocent question, but it’s one I dread the most. I’m not ashamed to say “No, it’s in English,” because I love English, however, I always feel I have to launch into the whole “Why not photography?” And then that is a whole lot of me talking about myself. And despite this blog and always using “I,” I really don’t like talking about myself. I’d much rather learn about my client-friends. (Ohh, I think I’m going to start calling my clients, client-friends! I like it.) Anyway, the short story is: I pursued wedding photography in the middle of my college years. I had too many credits to switch over, and honestly, I just wanted out of college as quickly as possible. And I had no idea that my photography would grow so  quickly. I’m definitely blessed beyond belief, yet I still have many goals and challenges ahead. Regardless of what my degree is, I’m so proud of accomplishing it, and all of my photography achievements so far. And yes, that was a really long answer and really not the ‘short’ story that I promised. :)

What’s your favorite color? Okay, okay, I’m really not asked this question that often, but if I was, it would make me smile a lot more than I already do. :) And, for the record, my favorite color is RED, despite having a blue website, and too many blue t-shirts to count. Blue is my second favorite color.

Oh, and I know this has no relevance to the post, but how cute are these penguins?! The one in the front is my favorite. I took this at Sea World when Rick and I were on our honeymoon. :)

Happy Tuesday!


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  • Awesome post! My favorite color changes all the time, currently it’s grey -not sure it is technically a color but oh well!

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