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Impressions – Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope you have had a wonderful day. I am starting a new series called Impressions. It’s just my impressions/opinions/likes & dislikes, and it’s totally for fun. I’m not trying to solve world peace, or anything, but just to spice up my blog a little. Plus, who doesn’t love a little list making? ;)

The Good:

  • The Hunger Games Soundtrack via Spotify. I am almost finished with the first book after a week of reading it. This is huge for me, folks, cause I’m a slow reader. I mean sllllloooooooowwwwww reader. I still can’t believe I have an English degree. Anyway, the soundtrack is magnificent! I feel extra nerdy listening to it while reading the book. Within the first 30 pages, I decided that Rick has to take me to see the movie after I finish reading it. I can’t wait now! (Also, I know I’m late to the party on that bandwagon. I resisted until I saw the movie previews and thought, “Well, that looks interesting, maybe I’ll read the book!”) :)
  • $15 wheel replacement at Firestone. I couldn’t believe that’s all it was. I mean, yes, a new wheel had to be purchased, but I thought the replacement would cost nearly as much… not the case. Firestone for the win!
  • Winning $25 Cold Stone¬†Creamery gift card from Justin & Mary. Seriously, I love these two. After three years as a photographer, I just discovered them at the beginning of the year. How did I ever miss out on their awesomeness before!? I love their images, blogs, and helpfulness & I’m now a loyal blog reader forever. A few weeks ago, they held a contest on their blog for the gift card and I won! Thank you, J&M! You two are amazzzzzing! :) I can’t wait to take Rick out to Cold Stone Creamery after he takes me to see The Hunger Games. ;)

The Bad:

  • Gnats. Like, a million of them. Especially on an engagement session, where I tend to talk, a lot, and therefore, they find their way into my mouth. Yeah, not cool!
  • Flies. In my car. While I’m driving. The continuous buzzzzzing by my ear and around my face was super annoying today. My friend Brittney once found a snake in her car, so I guess I should be thankful.
  • The fact that World Peace hasn’t been solved. I know I said I wasn’t trying to solve World Peace, but come on already, everyone. Let’s just be friends, okay?

And now, here’s a super sweet sneak peek of an engagement session I had yesterday evening. I LOVED it so much that the word ‘loved’ needed CAPS. True story. ;)

With all these engagement session I’ve had lately, I am in engagement Heaven!

Have a happy weekend! :)

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