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Insomniac, Harlem Shake Puppies & Animal Love

It is currently 2:32 AM as I’m writing this.

I am an insomniac.

I really like sleep, but I don’t like going to sleep.

I wonder if it has anything to do with having weird dreams and nightmares?

Since midnight I have already:

  • searched through 13 pages of houses listed in the Nashville area
  • watched my promo video again, and come to the conclusion that after almost two years, it’s time for another one
  • watched at least three episodes of Friends – including, The One Where Phoebe Runs, The One With Ross’s Teeth & The One With The Ring
  • debated in my head on whether or not Rick would let us buy this million dollar mansion
  • flipped back through my profile photos on Facebook and enjoyed reminiscing
  • drank three glasses of water… which will probably come back to haunt me when I finally do fall asleep
  • re-read my blog about nightmares involving witches and trolls
  • watched this Harlem Shake Puppy video yet again – Rick and I watched it a few times this weekend and EVERY SINGLE TIME Rick laughed so hard he almost cried… almost
  • after watching the puppy Harlem Shake, decided we need a dog STAT
  • Googled the origin of STAT

And that brings me to this blog.

You know what I love?


(Bet you knew that was coming… am I right, or am I right?!)

This was about an hour ago when she snuggled up on my shoulder:

People often think that I am only a crazy cat lady. You see, this is simply not true.

I am actually a crazy animal lady. I love dogs and rabbits and birds and cows and horses. I have even come to appreciate snakes. (As long as they are in their aquarium at PetsMart.)

By the way, I really want a horse. Rick said no when I brought that up. I guess he’s right, as it would be kind of random to have a horse living in the city. :)

Anyway, my point is, I am a crazy cat lady, but I love all animals, too.

Holding Lexi while wearing my new cat shirt:

Okay, okay – I’m going to go to sleep now. I have to go house hunting tomorrow – well, I guess that it is actually today. :) I ended up not going Friday because my realtor was sick. She’s feeling much better now, and I’m ready to hunt those houses! ;) Okay, I’m for real going to bed now!


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