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Kim, Travis, Austin, Dylan & Tyler – Family Photographs

Remember these cuties from their session last year?

It is so interesting to look back at those photographs and see how much Austin, Dylan & Tyler have changed. I also get to watch them grow and change at all family events and holidays, because they are a part of my family! Travis is my cousin! With Kim, he has three adorable little guys on their hands. We were out in mid-day heat for these images, but that did not stop anyone. (I believe it was really hot during last year’s session too, now that I think about it). I am thankful to my mom for helping me, because she made sure everyone was hydrated. We worked as quickly as possible and even had a fan outside to try to cool off the humidity. I’m not sure if it worked, but we had a blast non the less. I even have a funny image of Tyler’s hair blowing because of the fan. I absolutely love this family and I’m so blessed to call them my family. Without further ado, here are the images of Kim, Travis, Austin, Dylan & Tyler. :)

Travis & Kim:

Right before Tyler gave me a hug. I didn’t tell him to do it, he just hopped down from his mom’s lap and headed over to me. So sweet! I like the concern on his face in this too! haha

I’m a fan of photos where all of the people aren’t looking directly at the camera like in these next two.

I also like it when kids try to hand me stuff when I’m photographing:


Tyler is 1 and a half now, and his expressions are so funny and unexpected.

Brotherly love:

Love these two:

So, a helicopter flew over really low:

And Tyler ran to the door to see what it was:

And stayed a while, watching me photograph Travis & Kim…

LOL! I love kids!!! Then it was the kids turn again, and check out Tyler’s hair:

These three have the prettiest eyes ever:

Last year, I sat Tyler in that basket, so I wanted to recreate it this time too. He stood up when his brothers sat beside him:

But overall, he liked it!




I love these images of Travis & Kim:

FYI: Totally their idea! LOL

The End:

Bethany Ann

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  • I love these they are so colorful and fun. What a lovely family!

  • What a great looking family, so much fun. You got the cutest faces of the little one.

  • Julie Dickinson

    Awesome photos Bethany!!!

  • Bethany

    Thanks Julie! :)

  • Bethany

    Thank you! :) They are so fun!

  • Bethany

    Thank you Lisa! :)

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