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I love you and wings and Lexington and the iPhone5

Yesterday, instead of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Mexican food, we ordered wings. On the ride to pick up the wings, the following conversation transpired:

Me: I love you… know what else I love?

Rick: What?

Me: I love you, and wings and Lexington and the future iPhone5.

Rick: Oh, but you don’t love me?!

(Guys really do have selective hearing. ;))

Me: No, I said YOU first. I said I love you-and-wings-and-Lexington-and-the-iPhone5.

(I said it really fast so he would catch the you part.)

Literally, five minutes later this happened:

I am very thankful for insurance, at the moment. My phone fell out of the car when I opened the door. :( Unfortunately, since the iPhone5 isn’t out yet, I have to settle for the same phone. Here’s to hoping the FOURTH phone like this will be the charm. haha! While I wait for the new one, I have to put this one on speakerphone to use it because I would rather not cut my face. ;)

And even more exciting news is that this sweet family will be making their appearance on Monday:

Just for good measure, here’s a photo of Lexington:

Have a wonderful weekend!

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