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Murray Boswell

Two weeks ago we welcomed a sweet new furbaby into the family: Murray Boswell!

We weren’t really aiming to get another cat, it just kind of happened. I saw his brother, Finley (which is also my dad’s name, and what drew me to him!) at PetSmart just a few days before I got Murray, who was then named Boswell. The PetSmarts in and around Nashville house cats from the Nashville Cat Rescue, and allow cats a cage break to live with foster families. I called the foster family to see about adopting Finley only to find out he was already adopted. The woman, who fostered both of the cats, suggested I meet Finley’s brother, because they look exactly the same and have the same sweet personality. At the time I called, Murray had been put back in PetSmart, to hopefully be adopted, after another two week cage break, so I went up there to meet him. And, well, I feel in love instantly!

His golden eyes are sincere, and he’s so soft. Despite his long hair, I think he sheds less than Lexi does!

He’s a playful boy, and loves to cuddle for sure! We couldn’t decide on a name for a couple of days, but we finally settled on Murray, like the city in Kentucky. We put his former name, Boswell, as his middle name, and it makes him sound so sophisticated!

Murray has such a different personality than Lexi does. She’s sweet, yes, but only to a few people. She doesn’t like strangers, and always hides. Well, not Murray! He is a lover. Such a little lover! He is curious, friendly, and insanely sweet. And like I said, he loves to play!

The information we received from PetSmart on Murray, said that him and his brother Finley were given up due to allergies in their previous home. The papers also said that he was a Maine Coon. When I took Murray to the vet for a checkup, I asked the vet, and she said he does have some Maine Coon traits in him. He’s very tall, and his tail is insanely long. He’s skinny, but we are working on fattening him right up. ;)

He’s about five years old and he is front declawed. I feel bad that he is declawed, because it appears that his paws are super sensitive to him. I read some information on declawing on the Nashville Cat Rescue’s website, and during declawing the end of the bone is actually amputated. So sad! I know I will never declaw any of my cats after reading that.

The above are images taken with my professional camera, and the ones below are taken with my iPhone.

The image on the right is the night I brought him home. He just relaxed on the couch like, “I’m home!” :)

This is from the morning after we adopted him. Murray, appearing to be smiling and winking, and Lexi, watching him like a hawk on our bed: 

The left image is the first time he saw the washing machine on. He was mesmerized.  Lexi and Murray are slowly, but surely, starting to relax and play together. It’s too adorable! Well, until Lexi gets irritated and tries to swat at Murray. Lexi has been iffy about Murray for the most part. She is definitely the dominate cat; she isn’t declawed and I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Sometimes Lexi will just meow right in his face for no reason, and Murray just sits there and takes it. I can tell he just wants to be friends with her. :) I think they will be cuddling in no time.  He likes belly rubs and catnip. And cuddles!  He just squeezed himself in my desk a few days after we got him.  This was a couple of days ago. I took a nap and woke up to Lexi on me, and Murray beside me. Lexi still has one ear on him though, ready to put him in his place. Murray is starting to stand his ground, though; earlier today I saw him chase Lexi out of the kitchen and into the dining room. Like I said, they will be cuddling in no time. ;) 

Okay, okay! I know this was super long. :) I hope you enjoyed my cat ramblings!

If you feel so inclined, donate to your local animal shelter or even adopt an animal. There are so many animals in shelters who need homes, that it doesn’t make sense to buy an animal!

See more information about Nashville Cat Rescue here:

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