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My Papaw, William Earl McIntosh

You had a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms. The darkest of days. I wish I could see it just once more. But I know you are smiling in Heaven as we remember your long, fulfilling life that we were lucky to be a part of.

Sundays, I remember Sundays with you and Mamaw when I was younger. After church we would have lunch at Subway most of the time, sometimes McDonalds. Your favorites. Then we would go to flea markets or yard sales, or even Uncle Lee’s. Much to the amusement, or dismay of my parents, you even allowed me to buy a parakeet at one of the flea markets. I promptly named her Sunday.

Speaking of animals, you loved animals. Geese, horses, cows, dogs, cats. You knew just how to teach an old cat new tricks, and make them fall in love with you all at the same time. I remember you would specifically buy Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies for the Saw Mill dogs. It probably wasn’t the healthiest of treats, but it made you, and the dogs, very happy!

Another favorite memory of mine is riding around the cow pasture in your GMC truck with my sister Amber. You would stick a piece of Trident gum out the window and cows would come right up to the window for a piece. What a memory that is! It made you so happy to see us smile.

The Saw Mill you owned for years employed dozens upon dozens of families and you were always there to help anyone in need. What an inspiration! Many people have so many fond memories of you and it’s a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

You and Mamaw shared a beautiful life together, raising five children and spoiling many grandchildren. Sixty years of marriage together is an amazing accomplishment. You truly grew up together. It was always Mamaw and Papaw, Mom and Dad, William and Martha. It will be hard to say one without the other.

Your love for your family was always evident. Every time any of us turned the corner from the dining room into the living room to say hello, you would greet us enthusiastically, with a warm smile. You were inquisitive about our lives, always offering advice. You were knowledgeable about politics, religion, weather, and anything really. Many wonderful conversations were had in that living room. It won’t be the same without you.

We won’t be the same without you present here on Earth. We are grateful for the time we had with you here, and know you are at peace in Heaven now. We are crying tears today, but we also rejoice in our hearts knowing you will never be in pain again. The tears will subside over time, but your legacy will never fade. We love and miss you so much already. We will see you again.


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