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Sails, Persimmons & Marriage

Moving really knocked the wind out of my sails. After two weeks, and less boxes in the house than last week, I finally feel ready to take on the world! Or at least, all the editing I have to do. ;) I wouldn’t trade this life with Rick for anything in the world though. He makes me ponder life’s biggest (or smallest) questions; for example, the other day, (while I texted a friend) he mentioned that he thinks humans will evolve to have longer thumbs on account of texting. :) He swaps me his sweet tea for my diet-whatever-drink, just because he knows I’m too scared to order it at new restaurants. (Not everyone makes sweet, sweet tea.) He sings to me in Mexican restaurants and claims he wrote the songs. He lets me sleep in on weekends that I’m home, and when I ask why he didn’t wake me before noon, he says, “Cause you were sleeping.” :) I love how he makes me laugh wholeheartedly in the middle of Publix over Persimmons and he supports me in chasing my dreams. More importantly, I love how marriage with him gets better every single day.

Happy Tuesday!


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