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I am thankful for:

God for giving me so many amazing blessings in life already
my mom and dad for always showing me love and support
my sister, brother-in-law and nephew for always making me laugh and being my “test” models
my amazing boyfriend for loving me, supporting my dreams, making me a better person, and taking me to dinner every now and then :)
my family
my best friend for late night chats and always being there when I need to laugh or cry or hug or if I just need a model (hehe)
my college roommates (Candice, Ashley, CheeTara, Lisa, Rothschilda, Beth Ann & Tiffany) for teaching me to see life from different perspectives, to laugh instead of study (haha!), and go to the movies in my PJs
everyone who has ever believed in me
a roof over my head and clothes on my back
food on the table
my health
all the wonderful people who have already been, or will be, in front of my lens
my camera & lenses
the friends I’ve made in college so far
the fact that I only have two more semesters left (Yah!)
realizing photography is what I wanted to do with my life after switching majors three times and switching schools once (Everything happens for a reason. I know it to be true now!)
my best friends from high school who I don’t see often enough but I still love dearly
the military
sweet potatoes (my fav!)
University of Kentucky Basketball
and Kathy Van Zeeland purses!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bethany Ann

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