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The curly headed lady behind the lens.

Hmm… what do you write in a first blog post? I’m going to write a little about myself, so you’ll get to know the curly headed lady behind the lens. (Does anyone else think it’s weird I just called myself a lady? I think it is, but I’m not changing it. hehe)

Some of you might ask, “What’s your favorite color?” To which, my response would be red. So, then some of you might be wondering if red is my favorite color why do I have a blue website? I’m from Kentucky and the blue is the color of my favorite basketball team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats. During basketball season, I’m glued to the TV watching the games with my dad. My boyfriend hates basketball. (I cannot believe that I fell in love with someone who hates basketball, because I love it so much. Oh, the irony of life!)

I am very close with my family and am very thankful to have their support. I have the most amazing friends. They are more like family and I don’t know what I would do without them. I have two “babies”. A dog named Hollywood and a cat named Memphis. I think I’ll keep up the city-name tradition whenever I get another animal. I’m a bookworm who loves poetry and music. I cannot go anywhere without chapstick. (I’m addicted.) My mom is my favorite person to shop with. We love Kathy Van Zeeland purses and The Gap. What else can I say about myself? Well, I’m really tall. 5’11” to be exact. (Thanks, Dad.) I’m an optimist. I love laughing. And I’m always smiling.

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