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Time Poverty + Walk In Love

Time poverty – “a feeling of having less time available than is required to meet the demands of everyday living.” -Michael R. Solomon

I just discovered that I have time poverty. Like, all the time. Seriously, where did the summer go!? Oh, wait, I know. Photographing, taking summer classes, editing, e-mailing, changing my wedding date several times, moving, etc., etc.! I discovered my “Time Poverty” problem thanks to my Consumer Psychology online course I’m taking right now. It ends Friday and I’m SO excited. After this class I only have FOUR classes until college graduation! And yet again, I’m left wondering where the time went?! It seems like just yesterday I was walking into my Freshman Orientation class. Ahh, memories!

But anyway, I wanted to ask if you would vote for me to win some free shirts! I’m photo number 9. I took that picture while playing around with my new tripod a few weeks ago. Then, when Walk In Love asked for photos, I sent that photo in. I had NO IDEA that I would have to ask for votes to win the free shirts! I thought the Walk In Love people would pick the free-shirts-winner! So, here I am, asking for YOUR vote. :) So, please help me out so I can win some shirts and vote HERE! Thanks! :)

And here’s a photo I’m loving of Tiffany & Michael’s wedding:

Oh, by the way, will you vote for me here? ;)



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