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Turkey Burgers, Editing, and Life

So, I had another plan for today’s post. And what happened? Life happened. See, what happened was I ruined the turkey burgers last night. Well, I actually think they were in my freezer too long and ruined themselves. So, I had to make dinner for the second time last night after realizing the burgers weren’t fit to eat. And that pushed back my plan for today’s post since it was longer and I planned to write it earlier yesterday evening. Anyway, I could have had a melt-down like the last time, but I held it together and cooked up some stir fry concoction I had in the freezer.

And then while I was editing a few teasers for Facebook, I found the cutest photo ever from yesterday’s session. Even though I haven’t looked at all the images, this is my favorite already and I had to share it.

I mean, seriously!?! How do I get so lucky to work with such fun, beautiful couples!? Especially the ones who lay on the ground for me?! :)

Have a wonderful day! :)


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