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Twenty Four!

It’s my birthday! I’m so excited! I love birthdays! Excuse all the exclamation marks! I just really love birthdays! Anyone’s birthday, that is! ;) But today, it’s my birthday and I’m going to be really obnoxious about it! haha! :)

I plan on painting my fingernails with glitter to celebrate. :)  Well, that and spend time shopping! ;)

Fun fact: Because of the new Facebook timeline option, I was able to see when Rick and I became Facebook friends. I literally spent about two hours looking at all my old wall posts, etc., when I first switched to the timeline version of a profile. It was ridiculous! Anyway, I found out that Rick and I became “Facebook friends” on my birthday in 2006. So funny! :) We met in August of 2006, then started dating in Feb. of ’07, but on my birthday in 2006 we became Facebook “official” friends. :)

Anyway! Have a happy day!



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