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Our Wedding Vows

One of my favorite past times, besides taking photos of my cat, Lexington Mae, is watching wedding videos online. The videos give me a new perspective on how to photograph, what to photograph, and they make me so happy that I often tear up. (Okay, cry. They make me cry! :) I even cried when I watched my own wedding videos… all four times already!)

I watched a wedding video a few months before my wedding, and I heard the vows I wanted to say to Rick. When I told Rick I found our vows, and how I found them, I vividly remember his response, “But, you can’t steal people’s vows!” To which I responded “Umm, is that not what millions of other people do when they say the traditional vows?! Yep!” ;)

I wanted to share our vows with all of my future brides & grooms, (and any other bride and groom reading this), in case they want something different, but do not want to write their own vows.


Our wedding day trailer film:

[epic] trailer from Turning Point on Vimeo.

Our wedding day mosaic:

Wife’d Up! from Turning Point on Vimeo.

Our vows:

With this ring, I give to you my promise.
That from this day forward
You shall not walk alone.
May my heart be your shelter,
may my arms be your home.
May we walk together through all things.
May you feel deeply loved,
for indeed you are.
With this ring, I give you my heart.
I have no greater gift to give.
May we feel this joy forever.
With this ring, I thee wed.

I heard this next little phrase on another video and I had the preacher say it before he said, “You may now kiss the bride”,

May your love be modern enough to survive the times and old fashioned enough to last forever.

Feel free to use it! If I’m there, it will surely make me tear up, or cry. :)

Happy Thursday!


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