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Jessica, Taylor & Tyler, October 2015

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. Friday I had a bridal session at Riverwood Mansion. It was my first time being there and I fell in love with that mansion! I can’t wait to photograph my Nov. 14th bride and groom’s wedding there soon. Which, speaking of, how is it almost November!?! Crazy! I am looking forward to November, though, being as my birthday is on the 15th and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, reside in November. ;) Anyway, the bridal session was amazing. Riverwood has so many wonderful photo opportunities. I can’t wait to share the bridal session with you, but it will have to be after Nov. 14th, obviously! Then on Saturday I photographed a nice wedding with one of my photographer friends. The rain thankfully stayed away so we were able to get some great outdoor images! And yesterday Rick, Graham and I stayed home most of that gloomy, rainy Sunday. We all were able to enjoy a nap, too, which makes for a nice activity on a rainy day. We only got out of the house to go to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, where Graham flirted with all the ladies who worked there. He’s a ladies man for sure. Graham has also been walking up a storm! It’s the absolute best. I love seeing his wobbly little walk. It’s funny and so surreal to see him walking around babbling. Ahh, my baby is growing up!

Speaking of growing up. It is always such a trip seeing how big these two kids have grown during our yearly photo shoots. I just love, love, love this family! I have photographed them several times throughout the last few years, and it is always a joy! Taylor is fun, spunky, and outgoing. She is a beauty who has a heart of gold. She wants to help in anyway she can. Tyler is just laid back, chill, and super inquisitive. I loved watching his mind work as he looked around the barn we took a few images in. And Jessica, their mom, is such a light! I bet if you looked up the word kind in the dictionary you would find Jessica’s image. We went to school together and I always really enjoy catching up with her. Below are a few favorites from our time together a couple of weeks ago.

jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0001 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0002 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0003 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0004 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0005 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0006 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0007 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0008 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0009 jtt-family-farm-portraits-photographer-clarksville-nashville-tennessee_0010

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