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Ashley & Justin! Mr. & Mrs.!

They are now Mr. & Mrs.! Ashley was my college roommate and during one of our many late night chats, I confessed to her my dream of being a wedding & portrait photographer. I’m not sure if she remembers that conversation but she was the first person I had ever admitted that to. This conversation took place before she got engaged and she said something like, “Yes, you should and then you can take my wedding pictures!” It’s crazy to think that was just a few years ago and she has realized her dreams (she’s a nurse now and married! Yah!) and I am realizing my dreams. Below are a few of my favorites of Ashley & Justin’s wedding day! I’m going to post more on Facebook, so be sure to check there later tonight!

Ashley & Justin, thanks for everything. You guys are awesome and have been so kind to me! I’m so blessed to have friends like you two. Enjoy! :)

Their amazing wedding cake!

Ashley’s beautiful lace gown.

Ashley’s mom, Judy, zipping Ashley into her dress.

Ashley’s dad, David, the first time he saw Ashley! I love this! :)

Ashley is so gorgeous! I love this one too… Actually, I love them all! :)

Justin’s mom, Ann, helping him get ready.

The first time Justin’s dad, Lee, saw Ashley.

Justin’s reaction when he first saw Ashley! They both couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. It was so sweet!

I adore the look on Ashley’s face in this one.


Remember to check back on Facebook for more. Also, remember to vote every day for your favorite couple in the Valentine’s Contest. Voting ends Monday the 15th!

Thanks for looking!

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