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Carrie & Kyle! Mr. & Mrs.! – Clarksville Wedding Photography

Carrie & Kyle’s wedding was a joyous day. It was also beautiful, full of love, and so much fun! Seriously, the dance floor was on fire the whole night! I met Carrie last fall when I photographed her son, Trey and his cousins, Sarah, Catie & Ryder. After the session, Carrie & I exchanged a few e-mails about her wedding and when we met at the Clarksville Bridal Show she chose me to document her day! :) I feel so blessed to have met these two. Carrie & Kyle are down-to-earth and super kind. They are exciting to be around and their happiness is contagious. Now, I’m a happy person but happy people make me even happier! During the Bride & Groom session, they would light up whenever I said “You’re getting married!!!” (They opted for a First Look before the ceremony). And then they would laugh! I love laughter. :) Oh, and I especially love their love! (That sounds like that country song, “I love your love the most” or something like that, except, for me, it’s I love their love! haha I’m random!) But anyway! Their love is pretty contagious too. I know Carrie and Kyle had everyone (me included!) radiating with love after their ceremony. Then, it was time to party! I have some really awesome dancing photos, but I’m going to save those for Facebook. Like my page to see those and more. Enjoy these highlights from Carrie & Kyle’s happy, joyous, loving wedding!

Carrie & Kyle got married at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish on April 17th.

The bling:

The yummy cake provided by Cakes by Carrie! Yes, I photograph the wedding and eat the cake! Don’t worry, my Bride & Grooms know this ahead of time. :)  

The flowers:

Carrie’s Mom helping her with the dress. I like Carrie’s expression!

Beautiful, just beautiful! :)

I’m a huge fan of this one:

Carrie’s handsome groom!

Carrie & Trey

Trey loves the camera! And the camera loves Trey! :)

All of the sweet cousins were in the wedding party! It was so great to photograph them again.

Ryder & Trey

Sarah & Catie


The awesome bridal party:

Every time I see this photo I laugh out loud. Look at Trey! Priceless!!

This is what you would call, Getting Married! :D

They have the paper to prove it. :)

One last image:

Be sure to look on Facebook for more!

Congratulations Carrie & Kyle! :)


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  • Carrie

    These are wonderful!!! Some made me cry, they all made me smile and some even made me laugh out loud!! Perfection!

  • Carrie

    I love how you have the ladies handkerchiefs with the bouquets on the front stoop of the church….That was a sweet surprise. In my bouquet you can see the broach, which belonged to Kyle’s Nannie. He had my Mimi’s angel pin on his boutonniere. Some of these I totally forgot you took!!

  • Bethany

    I have an up-close picture of the broach! :) Some of them I even forgot I took! LOL I took so many!! I’m glad you like them!! :)

  • Bethany

    These had me laughing and crying and smiling too!! :) Thank you!!! I’m so glad you let me document your day!

  • The detail shots are perfection as they always are:) I also love a smiley bride. Great pictures!!

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