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Moments I Love

After assisting and directing during the majority of a wedding day, it’s nice to be an observer during a reception. I love to just watch what happens and capture moments that (hopefully) my couples are blissfully unaware of. At Dani & Philip’s wedding last Saturday, I had the joy of capturing a few of my favorite candid images ever!

I like to joke that I am a bride stalker. I like to see what the bride is doing, and I’m always looking for her in a room. And, well, I like to follow her around too! Brides are just so darn pretty! ;) So, as I was photographing Dani talking to Philip’s grandmother’s from one side of the room, which is the image on the left, I decided to walk around the room to capture it from another angle. In the time it took me to walk around the table to the other side, Dani had turned around providing a different fun image of her sitting in her chair with the best sign ever:

Then, I lifted my camera up and saw one of Philip’s grandmothers admiring his wedding band, the left image. I stepped back a bit, and not even two seconds later, both of his grandmothers were admiring Dani’s rings as well. I live for these moments at weddings! They are ones that I know Dani & Philip will cherish for many years to come:  And because sparklers are fun: 

Have a great day! :)

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