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J & D! Mr. & Mrs.! – Nashville, Tennessee Wedding Photographer

The Kentucky church overflowed with light as J walked down the aisle. D appeared to hold his breath, behind a huge grin, in anticipation of his bride. Everyone in the room stood in joy & appreciation to witness J & D declare their love and commitment to each other and God. It was such a magical ceremony, complete with an emotional reading from D, to his bride. My favorite part? The part when J & D whispered to each other during the song after they lit the unity candle. It was sweet, and by the look of adoration towards each other, I’m sure they felt like the only two people in the sanctuary. I love it when brides & grooms take moments to rejoice and truly relish the little moments during their weddings, just like J & D did. Another favorite moment? The giggle from J as she placed the ring on D’s finger. She was so sincere and just glowing with happiness. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else on July 16th 2011, because witnessing their commitment and love, was a heartfelt memory I will forever cherish. Thank you, J & D, along with their families, for welcoming my second shooter and me. It meant the world to us! :)

Gorgeous church! This is seriously one of my favorites I’ve ever photographed in.

How neat is this?! D’s sister made this for them as an alternative to a guestbook. :) How sweet is this flower girl?! She recognized someone she knew: :) Love: Right before the kiss, I snapped a photo of the clock. That way they can remember the moment right before they were ‘announced’ as husband and wife for the first time. :) Favorite: Love: :)

Have a wonderful day!

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